The White Willow Ultra Slim Memory Foam Pillow

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The White Willow Ultra Slim Memory Foam Pillow

  • EXTRA THIN – Thinner Than Any Pillow You’ve Ever Seen!. Ideal for BACK AND STOMACH SLEEPERS
  • ULTRA THIN PILLOW, STANDARD SIZE: Extra low profile, approximately 2.25 to 2.5 inches thick. Standard sized: 24″ x 14″. Designed to be one of the best pillows for stomach sleepers or back sleepers. Dual sleeping surface: flat on one side, rounded on the other.
  • LUXURIOUS COMFORT – You are cradled in comfort and luxury allowing you to get the rest that you deserve. Less tossing and turning means better sleep.
  • PAIN RELIEF – Our Thin Memory Foam Pillow reduces pressure on the neck and spine that may help relieve stiffness and soreness resulting from poor neck support.
  • BETTER SLEEP: Some sleepers need a low profile pillow to help align the spine. If you have sleeping issues, or find yourself waking with neck, back or shoulder pain, or if you suffer from orthopedic issues, snoring, allergies, TMJ, insomnia, or migraines, you may benefit from a slimmer pillow


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