Rhinestone Van Gogh Starry Night DIY Mosaic Wall Decor

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Rhinestone Van Gogh Starry Night DIY Mosaic Wall Decor

  • Diamond painting kit item includes: sticky canvas, diamond-cut color rhinestone beads, stone tray and pen tools for sticking the rhinestone beads on the canvas.
  • Used for interior decoration,meticulous workmanship, simple and generous, can fully show personal style.
  • Instruction: The beads in the numbered packets correspond with the color chart on the side of the drawing. Place a few of the like numbered beads in the plastic tray. Take the “pen” and dab the end with the sticky stuff in the square block, then pick up a bead and place it on the corresponding number on the canvas. Remember to replace the plastic sheet when you are done to preserve your work.
  • Note: The product not included the frame. It is a rolled canvas. Please frame it by glasses or wooden and hang in your home as for decoration adornments.
  • Canvas Size: 30cm x 40cm


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