Reglox Multipurpose Tailoring Sewing Kit- SW01

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Reglox Multipurpose Tailoring Sewing Kit- SW01

  • Reglox Sewing Kit Includes- 1 Thread Box,24 multicolor thread spools 1 Needle Set, 1 Needle Threader, 5 bobbins, 1 measuring tape, 1 Small Scissor, 20 dress hooks, 1 seam ripper(thread opener), 1 tailor chalks,10 Sewing press button, 10 safety pins,
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: – Thread boxes, thread rolls, dressmaker chalks, seam ripper(thread opener) measurment tape, assorted needles pack -these are available in different clors with us, and hence any color may be supplied to the buyers, which will be as per stock availability.
  • Colour Send As Per Stock Availibility


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