METRON- Universal Orthopedic Contoured Cervical Pillow

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METRON- Universal Orthopedic Contoured Cervical Pillow

  • Anatomically shaped, molded from PU Foam with optimal density, provides effective support to the neck. It has a scientific design, maintains the neck in slight hyperextension and provides muscle relaxation. Application – Cervical Problems, prophylactic aid, geriatric care, cervical spondylosis or back pain, neck sprains/ stiff neck and snoring induced apnea. Scientific design helps to cure cervical problems while sleeping
  • Provides continued support to cervical vertebras throughout the night. Designed to correct and maintain cervical alignment. Provide optimal hardness which ensures soft, cushiony and comfortable support. This is a thin pillow with firm support.
  • Made of Firm density foam.Covered with a soft, smooth, skin friendly, breathable fabric Durable and longer life.Skin Friendly and Comfortable. Relieves neck, shoulder and back pain by allowing neck and shoulder muscles to fully relax. Universal medical Size for all age.Light in weight
  • Word of caution! This pillow is specially designed and made for the medical purpose. Please consult with your doctor before buying it. It is not a regular pillow. People who like soft bounce thick pillow or people who are side sleepers this product is not good for them


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