Looms & Weaves White Bath Towels (62 X 32 “) – 2 Pieces”


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Looms & Weaves White Bath Towels (62 X 32 “) – 2 Pieces”

    • Care instructions: gentle wash
    • Package contents: 2 white bath towels, made up of pure cotton
    • These towels are very thin and super soft (Compared To Terry Towels). These towels have very high water absorption capacity than any towels in the market. It is very soft and the thread pattern ensures the skin is gently scrubbed upon every use leaving it soft and supple. Shrink- resistant, best option for travelling purposes as it is easier to dry after use
    • It also does not have the inconvenience of terry towel when using
    • Cozy and soft, retains freshness even after years of use. The dyeing process is environment friendly with good colour fastness, shrink- resistant, easier to dry after use, best option for travelling purposes, also available in different sizes, designs and colours). Same fabric based printed, embroidery, colour towels, kids towels, hand towels etc are available with us


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