LEBEDO Wedge Pregnancy Pillows for Women – Dark Grey

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LEBEDO Wedge Pregnancy Pillows for Women – Dark Grey

  • PROVIDES COMFORT TO BODY ACHES AND PAINS DURING PREGNANCY: As the body weight increases during pregnancy, it puts stress and pressure on the back, hips, and legs. It is important to rest these body parts and that is only possible if you are able to sleep in a good position. A pregnancy pillow will provide support and comfort to MOM’S back, bump, or knee. These parts and ensure proper rest, relieving aches and pain.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE DESIGN WITH FIRM SUPPORT COMFORT: Which means Mother can easily travel with wedge cushion and can use it for belly support while sleeping, lumbar support while sitting on a chair or car seat or on the bed while relaxing or traveling. You take this wedge anywhere. Whether traveling from room to room or out of town. the wedge cushion goes with you. This is firm medical grade Foam product. It is not a SOFT cushion/pillow.
  • MULTIPURPOSE UTILITY: Post delivery Maternity pillow will be useful even after delivery of the baby as it will come handy to put your baby in the right position, in order for the child to learn how to latch properly. Can be used as edge support for baby to avoid him / her fall down from the bed. When baby grows up it is used for as baby wedge pillow for self-feeding from the bottle. Dad can use it as CHAIR or CAR SEAT LUMBAR SUPPORT CUSHION.
  • REDUCE ACID REFLUX AND HEARTBURN DURING PREGNANCY:. Many pregnant women suffer from acid reflux and heartburn during pregnancy, which can keep them from sleeping soundly at night. Using Foam wedge cushion with your pillow to elevate the upper body has been shown to reduce the occurrence and symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn. Please take medical advice with your respective doctor.
  • SPECIAL FIRM MEDICAL GRADE FOAM WITH SPECIAL SOFT WASHABLE COVER: it is made up of medical grade Foam which provides firm support and the out cover is made up of special soft breathable fabric and comes with zip (washable). It comes with a lifetime warranty.


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