AquaSse Pad for air Cooler with Net (22×16 inch)

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AquaSse Pad for air Cooler with Net (22×16 inch)

  • These are 3 Pads Set with Net.
  • Keeps your cooler operating at peak Cooling Efficiency by replacing your Wood Wool pads regularly.
  • This pad sets are all natural. These pads are specifically sized to fit all desert, personal, mini.
  • This pad is the most efficient and economical cooler pad in the market.
  • The Uni-Pad construction allows for even air flow throughout the entire pad. The Grid-Flo stitching is designed for fast pad saturation and helps to prevent sagging of pads, which ensures the fastest cool air delivery, more efficient operation. This combination of pad construction, stitching and Aspen fibers gives you faster cool air with fewer trips to the roof.


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